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Students in a ClassroomLearning about Equality & Diversity?

Don’t panic! Inspired by the most recent Do You Mean Me? survey carried out by the Equality Commission, this website is full of interactivity, stories and other information designed to help you deepen and widen your experience and understanding of equality here in Northern Ireland.

So What’s Here for You?

Survey Highlights Interactive Information GraphicSurvey Highlights Interactive Information Graphic

We have illustrated some of the most interesting points from the recent Do You Mean Me? survey. From here you can access many other areas of the site. By interacting with the information on this page and relevant equality stories we hope you can gain a better understanding of Equality issues here in Northern Ireland.

Survey Yourself InteractivitySurvey Yourself

We have created a mini survey that you can complete yourself. You can compare your answers with the relevant results from the official survey. Why not start here, then interact with the rest of the site and return to survey yourself later to see if your opinions have changed?

Interactive Wheel of DiscriminationWheel of Discrimination

How balanced are your views on Equality and Diversity? Complete the Wheel of Discrimination interactivity and see a visual representation of your attitudes. Depending on your answers, we will recommend further reading that may alter your views. You can complete the wheel as many times as you like to gain a better picture of your own personal views.

Equality StoriesEquality Stories and Videos

Find out how the Equality Commission has helped people through their personal Equality Stories. Watch their videos as they recount their experiences and decide if discrimination has occurred. You can let us know if their story has affected how you feel by completing the interactive poll at the end of each story.

Tell Us What You ThinkTell Us What You Think!

There are several places on this site where you can tell us what you think. You can leave a comment on a particular Equality Story or News Article or you can write a general comment in the Your Views section. We want to hear from you!


So Why Use This Website?

Through this site we hope you gain a deeper understanding of Equality and Diversity in Northern Ireland. We have also designed the resources to be relevant to the curriculum and/or syllabus you may be studying.
PDMU interactivity link

Personal Development and Mutual Understanding

If you are discussing different cultures in the classroom why not visit the Equality Commission’s website and view Althea and Brooke & Scott’s stories.

Role of the Equality Commission InteractivityLearning for Life and Work

This GCSE qualification requires you to have a thorough understanding of the role of the Equality Commission for Northern Ireland. In fact if you review some past papers you will see that ‘Explain the Role of the Equality Commission’ has turned up as a question on more than one occasion. As well as using this website you can also view the presentation on “The Role of the Equality Commission” which is housed on our main site.


Exploring diverse ideas, beliefs, cultures and challenging inequalities and discrimination as part of your studies? Why not take our mini poll survey and explore your attitude to discrimination and evaluate your answers with the results from our Equality Awareness Survey.
73% agreed that the Commission is a valued source of expert advice on equality issues

Working Part Time

This website will guide you through forms of prejudice and harassment and assist in identifying discrimination.

Discrimination can occur in the workplace and we want you to know your rights if you are a victim of discrimination or harassment. Click on this link to learn about the types of unfair treatment and how the Equality Commission can provide advice and assistance to complainants.


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