Margaret & Mary’s Story

Image of models to represent Margaret and MaryMargaret, 16 and Mary, 18 are sisters and members of the Irish Traveller community. They received an invitation to a wedding and decided they needed to buy new outfits to wear.

They went to the boutique shops in Armagh to see what they could buy. Mary was looking for an evening gown/dress and Margaret was looking for a two piece suit. They went into a boutique and had a look around but could not find anything suitable.

They went into a second boutique and Mary found a black evening dress that she liked and thought would be appropriate for the wedding. She took the gown off the rail and asked if she could try it on. Her sister Margaret also found a dress with a small jacket and she also asked if she could try it on.

Points to consider

Do you think there is anything wrong with them asking to try on the outfits?

What do you think the answer was to their request?

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