Claire’s Story

Image of Claire TaggartClaire’s condition requires her to use a wheelchair but independence is very important to her.  She is a keen athlete, a member of the Ulster Barbarians Wheelchair Rugby Club and Ulster Boccia Club for which she represents Great Britain.

Claire is currently studying Animal Management in a Regional College and for her to undertake her studies she is dependent on the college lifts to get to her classes.  On occasion due to student behavior and operational malfunctions, the lifts were not working.

In attempts to get to classes Claire made her way up and down stairs on her bottom while her classmates carried her wheelchair for her.  On occasion the College advised her to go home because the lifts were ‘out of order’.

Points To Consider

Do you think it was appropriate for Claire to have to ask her classmates to carry her wheelchair up the stairs?

Is it acceptable for the College to advise Claire to go home when the lifts are not working?

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