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Do You Mean Me? Survey Report

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The 2011 Equality Awareness Survey measures current public awareness and attitudes towards specific equality groups; perceptions and experiences of unfair treatment; and awareness of a range of equality related matters amongst the general public in Northern Ireland.

The survey involved over 1000 face to face interviews with members of the public across Northern Ireland conducted during September 2011. The sample was stratified by age, gender, religion, social class and geography.

The survey followed a similar structure and content to that of the Commission’s previous Equality Awareness Surveys (2008 and 2005).

The fieldwork was conducted in September 2011 by Social Market Research (SMR) and covered six main areas, namely:

  • social attitudes and perceptions;
  • personal experiences of discrimination or harassment;
  • awareness of anti-discrimination laws;
  • perceptions of equality issues;
  • awareness of and public confidence in the Equality Commission; and
  • personal experiences of the economic downturn

Survey aim

The overall aim of the survey was to:

‘establish current awareness of equality-related issues amongst the general public in Northern Ireland, and to monitor this change over time’.


The fieldwork for the survey was conducted on a face-to-face basis by Social Market Research (SMR) with an achieved sample of 1,101 adults aged 16 and over. Interviews were conducted in respondent’s homes using Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI). A stratified random sample was used to ensure the sample was fully representative of the Northern Ireland adult population (aged 16 years and over).

Sample size and selection (n=1,101)

Defining a sample size is always a balance between the level of precision of sample estimates and cost. For the purposes of this survey, +/- 2.9% was considered an acceptable level of sampling error. As such the survey was conducted amongst a sample of 1,101 adults which in turn allowed sufficient disaggregation of the survey data by, for example, age, gender and religion.

Key Variables


Age 16-29 years old 27.7
30-44 years old 27.3
45-64 years old 29.2
65+ years old 15.3
Refused 0.5
Sex Male 49.7
Female 50.3
Marital Status Single 29.7
Married / Cohabiting / Civil Partnership 54.4
Widowed / Separated / Divorced 15.1
Refused 0.8
Disability Yes 20.5
No 78.3
Refused 1.2
Dependants under 18 Yes 35.5
No 64.5
Ethnicity White 94.7
Non-White 4.9
Refused 0.4
Sexual Orientation Same Sex 4.4
A Different Sex 87.1
Both Sexes 2.3
Refused 6.3
Religion Catholic 42.2
(Community Protestant 48.9
Background) None 6.6
Other 1.2
Refused 1.1
Political Affiliation Nationalist 32.5
Unionist 33.7
Other 5.3
Refused 28.5

For more background information on the Do You Mean Me? survey, and to see videos of the launch event you can visit the Equality Commission website.



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