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Teacher at the smartboardTeaching about Equality & Diversity?

The ‘Do You Mean Me?’ website has been developed by the Equality Commission for Northern Ireland to assist learning around equality issues highlighted in our Equality Awareness Survey 2011. The site has been particularly designed to assist education providers responsible for young people between the ages of 14-25.

The content and links to curriculum resources on the Equality Commission’s website supports the curriculum objective of developing the young person as a contributor to society, in Key Stages 2 through 5, in Further and Higher Education and Youth Club settings.

Bubble with quote - Almost one in three said that equality issues have become more important between 2008 and 2011Suggested uses and lesson ideas

The use of this resource allows for personal development and reflection on values and attitudes, by providing the opportunity to consider equality issues surrounding “What influences me?”, “How can I be my own person?” and “Growing up in Northern Ireland”. The survey results and associated content can inform and clarify personal viewpoints and provide opportunities to respond to real life situations.

We have developed several key pieces of interactive content which as teachers, lecturers and youth leaders you can use to challenge the group into considering and discussing how they feel on topical issues and how they would like things to be in the future.

To assist we have provided suggested uses and lesson ideas that you may find useful.

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